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Sarmistha Ray || Post On > Sep 21 2023 ||

Festive aroma is already in the air. Some unknown feelings seem to grip our mindscape with  archana of Biswakarma-- the engineer god.In fact, festival serves as a cathartic process. It resurrects our frayed nerves, boosts our DNA, transports us to the realm of sublimity. We find the scope of reinventing ourselves. What a magic!!!. Ganesh Vandana is one such captivating ocassions.

The genesis of the concept of Ganapati_--- the elephant-headed god is linked to the cosmic creation. The universe at the beginning  was just a dot. More specifically, it had shrunk  to a bindu means point. Then under the spell of billions of years, today's universe evolved. From bindu to an unimaginable stretch of expansion through big bang has been a scientific enigma. Conceptual thinkers and mythological experts compared this bang with the trumpet of a cosmic elephant. And therefore  Lord Ganapati assumes cosmic link.Lord Ganesh is truly the harbinger of success in all our pursuits. He is called Shiddhidata who exudes the radiance of thousands sun and propels us to acquire wealth.A republic god with egalitarian vision, Vinayaka is revered across entire Hindu pantheon. He is our own homely benign deity, quite accommodative, happy to take seat amidst all other gods and godesses.Never struts a chariot, weild any destructive weapon, flaunt pomp. From superstars  down to day-  labourers, His heartwarming presence has no parallel. Careless about rank and hierarchy, Bakratunda never ever bothers to tread along the corridor of power. Still so magnanimous that no puja is complete without its invocation. Let's chant Ganapati Bappa Morya.

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