Dreams and Aspirations

Sarmistha Ray || Post On > Sep 25 2023 ||

Almost everyone dreams of something while growing up. We all have ambitions when we are little, which change as we grow up. Ambitions lead us to a definite aim in life. Furthermore, they help us focus on our goal no matter the cost. It drives us to do better in life. Ambitions differ from one person to another. Dreams are always achievable but sometimes one has to overcome obstacles to reach them. Dreams and aspirations are similar, they motivate people to look forward to the future. Dreams and aspirations can positively and negatively affect people’s lives through relationships and experiences. “The Necklace” by Maupassant, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, and “We Choose to go to the Moon” by John F. Kennedy all display dreams that positively or negatively affect relationships and experiences. “The Necklace” in which a character helps his spouse reach her dream of being in the upper-class. Then in Of Mice and Men one character supports their friend through life, however it may have to end. Also in “We Choose to go to the Moon” one civilian, supported by the country, carries a dream for the United States to become a better nation. Dreams can happen through many things, like relationships. In Of Mice and Men, the relationship affects the dream wanting to be achieved. One of the dreams in Of Mice and Men is for Lennie and George to someday “we’re gonna get the jack together and we’re gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an’ a cow and some pigs and ani live of the fatta the lan’, An’ have rabbits.”(Steinbeck 53) The only reason George keeps this dream is because it makes Lennie happy. George does not have to keep this dream because he is okay with working on a farm the rest of his life, “I could damn well be okay workin’ on a farm the rest of my life.”(Steinbeck 35) Another dream is affected by the relationship between Curley and his wife. Although this dream is negatively affecting the relationship because it leads Curley’s wife to die. The wife would like to not be Curley’s wife, “heck, Curley don't own no one.”(Steinbeck 138) Her dream is to have other men in her life, but Curley doesn’t allow this so that leads to an over controlling relationship. Not only does Of Mice and Men show that relationships affect dreams, but “The Necklace” does as well. In “The Necklace” Mathilde is not reaching her dream without the help of her husband. Her husband gave up his money, “He grew a little pale because he was laying aside just that amount to buy a gun and treat himself to a little shooting next summer”, for her to buy a dress.(Maupassant 3) Yet, this also negatively shows how dreams affect relationships by after achieving the dream of Mathilde getting to go to the ball they live in poverty together because of the loss of a necklace that Mathilde borrowed, “Go look up your friend, Madame Forestier, and ask her to lend you some jewels.”(Maupassant 3) Overall relationships affect dreams in many ways.

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