Bangalar Mishti

Sarmistha Ray || Post On > Dec 27 2023 ||

West Bengal offers a rich variety of delicacies for every palate. The sweet tooth of Bengalis, as well as the variety of sweets and desserts available in the region, is astounding. While some of those quintessentially Bengali recipes and items have now found their way to the rest of the country, there are several Bengali sweets which have not reached their deserved potential and popularity yet. Here is the list of Bengali sweets that you should try at least once in your life: 1. Mishti Doi One of the most popular and well-known desserts in Bengal is the creamy and delicious Mishti Doi. Made with a blend of thick milk and jaggery this is something you simply have to try. Another variant of curd is Bhapa Doi which is usually garnished with nuts and makes for a delicious finish to any meal. For the best experience make sure to have this Bengali sweet chilled and straight from the refrigerator. 2. Roshogulla And Rajbhog One of the most famous Bengali sweets, Roshogolla is a soft round mithai made out of Chhena and dipped into a sugary syrup. Rajbhog is a close cousin of this famed sweet, with a delicious stuffing in its centre that can be made of dry fruits, saffron, cardamom and so on. With this dessert, it is usually difficult to stop after devouring only one. 3. Shondesh Arelatively dry Bengali Mithai, Shondesh can come in many variants. Made with Condensed milk Sugar and/or Jaggery this dessert can be moulded into different shapes and designs. We recommend having a Nolen Gurer Shondesh, which is made with a special and extra delicious kind of jaggery. Another variant which you might like is the Jol Bhara Sandesh. In the modern trend of fusion desserts, today you can also try out recipes such as chocolate Sandesh. 4. Malpua Apancake that is also a dessert: need we say more? Malpua is a syrup-drenched concoction made from flour and sugar and additional ingredients include coconut amongst others. These miniature pancakes are fried before being soaked in sugar syrup. The Bengali sweet is also popular in several parts of north india and in odisha. 5. Rasmalai Like many other Bengali sweets with an Odisha connection, Rasmalai is quite a hit in India. It is made with small sugary balls of chhena soaked in malai and with a dash of cardamom. It is cooked in a concoction of sugar syrup, milk, saffron, pistachios and kheer. The small balls are immersed and cooked in simmering milk cream. The end product is akin to having tiny rasgullas soaked in a creamy, milky base. Needless to say, it is utterly delicious.

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