art education is necessary for children

Sarmistha Ray || Post On > Jan 11 2023 ||

The question of whether art education is necessary for children at school has drawn much attention from the public. While some people argue that teaching art subjects is a waste of time, I believe that it is significant for children to learn art-related subjects. At the outset, it is thought by a handful of people that art education at school is a waste of time. There are more important subjects that would benefit children in their future life. Science, technology, and mathematics, for example, are of great significant subjects which allow students to find a good job after graduation. On the other hand, studying arts does not lead to a successful career. It is easy to see that in those days, most artists have been struggling to make a living from selling their works of art. Despite the above arguments, from my perspective, learning art is necessary for students at school because of some radical reasons. Firstly, art subjects including music, drawing, painting, and sculpture allow children to enter a state of relaxation. After concentrating on STEM subjects, what learners need is to unwind by usefully physical activities in order to make a balance. For instance, singing a song in the musical class could bring positive emotion to students. Secondly, studying art could improve performance in other subjects. It is true that art enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills which may assist children in attaining better learning outcomes. Art is a tool that can be useful when children are beginning to explore their surroundings and expand their imagination. As children grow, they develop practical skills to use while in school. Although art is vital in a child’s learning process, most parents aren’t aware of the benefits that come when their child is involved in art activities. It is up to the child’s parents to find a way to change and direct a path to help a child succeed. When children become involved in art activities, they obtain several skills that are vital for school and will be able to use for the rest of their life. A child’s success depends on the work a parent is willing to put in.

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