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April is one of the most blissful months of the year. Frosty nights grow scarcer, allowing the trees to begin sprouting their delicate buds. The grass, a lush green, is so soft you just want to lie in it and never get up. The countryside is dotted with pale pastels, a delightful contrast to the bleakness of winter. Spring is a time for new life, new ideas, and a fresh look at the world. All of the dazzling colours and balmy weather make school children restless. They know summer break is just around the corner. Children enjoy recess more now that it is warmer, and the playground is full of shrieks from little girls who are being chased with frogs and bugs by small boys. The chilly, babbling brooks are a favourite place to play after school, and young ones love to see who can stay in the water longest and still feel their feet. Many kids, though, are caught up by their mothers to help plant their spring garden. But April is not just a time for human children. Animals have come out of hibernation and are having their own younglings. Scruffy little squirrels scamper up and down the trees after each other, like children hyped up on sugar. The air is full of sweet sonnets from birds with their chicks. One of the more unpleasant things about April is that the bugs enjoy the warm weather just as much as anyone else. Wasps and bees buzz about, swarming people’s picnics and harassing girls who are walking flower beds with their vividly coloured dresses. And don’t forget about the ants that get into everything

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