Must-Visit Place in Bankura District

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Bankura has got its wide appeal as a top tourist attraction. It is known for its beautiful arts and architecture, dense virgin forests, terracotta temples, and hills. Bankura is situated in Chhota Nagpur Plateau and has many amazing sightseeing places. There are a variety of places to visit in Bankura.

Jhilimili – Places To Visit In Bankura

Jhilimili is among mesmerizing places to visit in Bankura. It is a natural beauty that is located in the Khatra subdivision of Bankura in West Bengal state. Jilimili is among the traveling places and is famously known as the ‘Darjeeling of South Bengal’. Jhilimili was placed near the border of Bankura, Purulia, and Midnapur. And, the area has beautiful dense lush forests that make Jhilmili among visiting places.

The forest in Jhilimili is so thick that some nice places get less sunlight. These places to go also have dense vegetation. The Kangsabati River flows through this forest which makes it among the top sights in Bankura. This tourist spot has micaceous soil which adds to the beauty of this place. You would also get to visit here a watchtower that offers an amazing view of the surrounding areas.

During the winter season, you would get to see many elephants from Dalma Hills, in Jhilimili. Furthermore, Jhilimili has a peaceful and serene climate, which makes it among the best places to visit in Bankura.


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