Dolma Pahar In Jharkhand

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Dolma Pahar is located in Jharkhand, spread across an area of approximately 3.2 square kilometers and has an amazing landscape. Temples, ghats and old buildings have added to the beauty of this place. 

Dolma Pahar is a famous place of Jharkhand. The name Dolma pahar is derived from 'Dolma' meaning dumplings and pahar meaning hill. It is situated on the top of the hill which can be seen clearly from far away. 

The Dolma Pahar is one of the best fish pahars in Jharkhand. Located on the banks of the sweet river, it serves a huge variety of delicacies, made from its famous fish. The place also serves other delicious dishes like Sathe and Gorosamu. 

Dolma Pahar offers authentic, freshly-prepared gourmet food in the heart of Delhi. Packed with flavors and bursting with creativity, our dishes are cooked to order and served with a smile. 

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Dolma Pahar Jharkhand is an assortment of flavorful dolmas. It is the best in taste and fragrance. Get the best dolma pahar of your life with this POHAR(DOLMA) Village. You will not find any better pahar around than ours. 

The word dolma means stuffed. Dokra means stuffed, which makes this dish a dolma pahar. Like the biryani, dolmas are also prepared from starchy grains and vegetables that can be boiled in water to make them soft before stuffing them in pastry. Dolma pahars are typically made from corn kernels, chickpeas, potatoes, beans and lauki (and onions for some dishes).

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